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Brand Guide

When building a brand the best point to start is to create a brand guide. This guide becomes the foundation from which all design is done. Regardless of who your designer is, your brand guide will ensure brand consistency across all marketing platforms and in all marketing collateral.

What is included in a brand guide:

  • 3 business logo options
  • Full branding kit (brand colour palette, brand typography)
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • High Res PNG
  • Vector Files
  • Business Card Designs
  • Letterhead Designs
  • Email Signature
  • Designs

All inclusive cost: R2500


Website Design

Once your brand guide has been finalized, we can now begin building a successful online presence. To do this we will start with your businesses website. Once we have established what information you are wanting to communicate we will be able to decide on how many pages your website will be. Our 2 options on the amount of pages your website will have is as follows:

  • Micro Website (5 Pages) – R5 000
  • Macro Website (12 Pages) – R12 000

Our website design includes the following:

  • As many pages as needed based on your chosen package

  • Unlimited stock images and vectors

  • WordPress Website
  • Guided support through site plan development
  • 30 day turn around time from approved site plan


  • Any other additional design
  • Stock videos
  • Optional Add-ons:
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Monthly Maintenance & Support


Social Media Management

We always say that your potential customer is likely to search for you on Social media
before they search for your website. It is with this in mind that we find it absolutely vital
that your business is on social media, and is weekly communicating your businesses
messaging. The starter package we recommend is the following:


1-2 posts designed and scheduled per week on 3 platforms.

  • Social media design and scheduling
  • Unlimited Stock Image for posts
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Designing specific target markets
  • Brand management and continuity
  • Monthly Calendar Planning
  • Quarterly reporting and analytics
  • Profile pictures and cover photos once a quarter
  • 2 approval sessions –  Recommended every 2 weeks
  • Approval of posts (copy, design, date and time)
  • Approving target audiences
  • Approving budget for boosting of posts
  • Edits to posts
  • Additional posts to be added

All inclusive cost: R2500


Marketing Strategy

Our team has substantial experience in assisting businesses with their marketing and digital marketing strategy across a vast variety of industries. These sessions are highly valuable as they don’t just provide you with the theory but with the support to execute on the strategy, which immediately delivers results for your business.


Customised Marketing Strategy – R1000 per hour


Marketing Collateral

Following the above strategy sessions, we will be able to identify what extra marketing resource is needed to target and acquire new customers. All this additional design and the execution will be provided at a discounted rate.












*The above costs can be paid off over 3 or 6 months.

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